Rethinking Medication

Through unique and non-invasive technologies for
neurochemical stimulation to change the way people heal

Breakthrough therapeutic
approach to pain

Remedee Labs has developed the first personal endorphin stimulator using advanced millimeter wave technology for pain management.

Following extensive research and development, we have developed a breakthrough approach to pain relief, by stimulating a person’s own endorphins – the body’s highly effective natural pain killer.

“Effectively managing patient pain is a constant challenge for the medical community, a situation that has never been truer than today. Having access to new ways of treating pain is a high priority, and real innovations, such as Remedee Labs’ technological solution, provide hope and excitement for the future.”

Dr Caroline Maindet (MD)

Pain Management Center, CHU Grenoble
research hospital, France

Advanced medical technology in a miniaturized format

The enabling breakthrough technology is our patented Microelectronic Endorphin Trigger (MEET) module, the first miniaturized millimeter wave-emitting module for medical application.

It can be integrated into ultra-small wearable devices, making personal healthcare usage of this new pain therapy possible. The first MEET-based device is already being tested in multiple clinical trial in European research hospitals. Find out more.

Multiple clinical trials into specific pain applications are already underway.