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UPSA and the startup Remedee Labs announce a partnership to improve the quality of life and well-being of patients living with chronic pain

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upsa et remedee labs

February 1st, 2023 – Today, the French pharmaceutical company UPSA and the startup Remedee Labs are announcing the signature of a partnership to offer healthcare professionals and their patients a comprehensive approach to chronic pain management that combines UPSA’s portfolio of pain relief medications (Dafalgan, Efferalgan) with the Remedee Well connected solution by Remedee Labs. The partners are united around a common goal—innovating to improve the quality of life of chronic pain patients—and aim to offer complementary and sustainable solutions for chronic pain care.

UPSA and Remedee Labs: an encounter between 2 partners committed to serving chronic pain patients through innovation.

UPSA, which founded the UPSA Pain Institute over 30 years ago, and Remedee Labs, a startup founded in 2016, are united around a common vision and will combine their unique expertise to offer comprehensive chronic pain care. Starting in February 2023, UPSA’s pharmaceutical sales representatives will meet with healthcare professionals—primary care physicians and rheumatologists—to present Remedee Well, a unique solution that uses millimeter waves to stimulate endorphin production. That will enable physicians to offer the Remedee Well wellness solution to patients who suffer from chronic pain and severely diminished quality of life.

Because paracetamol-based medications and the Remedee Well solution use different action mechanisms, they can be combined to manage patients’ pain and improve their quality of life more effectively.

Isabelle Van Rycke, President and Chief Executive Officer of the UPSA group, says: “At UPSA, we are excited about our partnership with Remedee Labs, which demonstrates our commitment to innovative therapeutics. With our strong focus on patient-consumer well-being, we will give millions of people in France who are suffering from chronic pain the opportunity to improve their daily lives thanks to our complementary expertise.”

Gilles Litman, Chief Business Officer of Remedee Labs, says: “We are delighted to be signing this partnership with UPSA, a recognized historic leader in pain management in France. We share a common goal with UPSA: changing the lives of the many people who suffer from chronic pain. By offering the Remedee Well solution to physicians and their patients alongside its medication portfolio, UPSA is demonstrating its commitment to innovation in pain care and will help us bring this solution to everyone.”

Millimeter wave neuromodulation: an innovative solution to improve quality of life for chronic pain patients.

Remedee Labs has developed an innovative comprehensive treatment solution that combines its unique non-invasive millimeter wave neuromodulation technology (connected endorphin stimulator wristband) with a digital services platform and personalized, multidisciplinary support.

  • Remedee Labs aims to obtain medical device certification for its solution after concluding its ongoing clinical trials. The results are expected in the first half of 2023.


UPSA, founded in 1935, is a committed brand that has been part of the daily lives of patients and pharmacists for over 85 years. As a people-centric group, it supports patients throughout their lives by providing medications, medical devices, and dietary supplements for minor ailments and injuries. UPSA specializes in five therapeutic areas: pain and fevers (its historic specialization), ENT and the respiratory tract, digestion, sleep issues and energy. UPSA has always been proud of its local roots and committed to promoting expertise “Made in France” worldwide. With over 1,600 employees, it is the top private employer in the Lot-et-Garonne department and creates 3,500 indirect jobs throughout France. UPSA operates in 60 countries, mainly European and French-speaking African countries and Vietnam, and exports close to 50% of its volume.

Learn more about UPSA:  https://upsa.com

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/upsa-france/

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