Breakthrough electronic medication for pain management

Endorphin stimulation for effective pain relief

The problem of effective pain management is not new. Today, however, the need for new ways to relieve pain safely and effectively has become a global priority.

By combining advanced scientific Research with leading-edge micro and nano-technologies, we have built the first personal endorphin stimulator using millimeter waves for pain management.

This new approach works by releasing a person’s own endorphins – recognized as the body’s highly effective natural pain killer – in a safe, fast and simple way.

Our first endorphin-stimulator has already been tested in a safety clinical trial. Multiple clinical trials are now underway by leading hospitals and research centers to test its effectiveness on specific pain applications, including arthritic pain relief and fibromyalgia.

On-demand endorphin liberation

Our team of scientists and medical technology experts has developed a millimeter wave (MMW) medical technology solution that uses peripheral stimulation to trigger the release of endorphins, the body’s natural way of making pain more manageable. The MEET solution enables on-demand stimulation of a person’s own endorphins, to increase endorphin levels. By using low-energy, high-frequency electromagnetic waves, the Remedee Labs solution activates the body’s peripheral sensitive nervous system to send a message to the brain to release endorphins, providing rapid, natural pain relief. In short, changing the way we approach pain management.

Miniaturized module for modern personal healthcare usage

The Remedee Labs endorphin-stimulation solution is based on our patented Microelectronic Endorphin Trigger (MEET) module, the first medical millimetric module on silicon. The MEET module’s specific high-frequency wavelength only penetrates the superficial skin layer (less than 0.5 mm), targeting the body’s sensitive cutaneous receptors to stimulate endorphins.

Although the effectiveness of MMW therapy is already proven – hospital-format equipment was used to treat over three million people in Eastern Europe — the rise of simpler and less costly analgesic medication led to its abandon.

Today, our miniaturized MEET module is making endorphin-stimulation therapy accessible for safe and efficient personal healthcare usage. It is integrable into very small form factor, wearable devices, which can be used at anytime and anywhere for fast and simple pain relief.