At the crossroads of medical research and silicon technology

We are pioneering new technologies to drive more effective ways for people to use their body’s own resources for personal health.

Founded in 2016 in Grenoble, France, by three experts in the areas micro and nano medical technologies and biomedical research, the company boasts a multidisciplinary, international team.

Key events & milestones


Partnership with Fondation Adolphe de Rothschild

Launch of a clinical study aimed at proving milimeter waves effect on migraines.


MedTech Innovator Accelerator company

Based in Los Angeles, CA, MedTech Innovator is the premier nonprofit startup accelerator in the medical technology industry. Remedee Labs was one of the 30 selected companies over 1000+ applicants to join the Accelerator program.


Effectiveness clinical trials started

  • Inclusion of the first patients in the Epikard protocol for pain management following heart surgery
  • Epikarthrose protocol submission for arthritis pain management

Series A financing completed

Bringing the total funding to $12 million and allowing Remedee Labs to start effectiveness clinical trials.

ISO 13485 certification obtained

In 2019 Remedee Labs receives ISO 13485:2016 certification for its medical-device quality management system, underpinning the company’s commitment to quality and standards.


Remedee Labs’ first complete personal endorphin stimulation device delivered.

The wearable-format device is the first implementation of the MEET module, allowing the company to start clinical testing of its personal healthcare solution.


First clinical trial of our millimeter wave solution

Clinical validation of millimeter wave treatment innocuity.


MEET module patented by Remedee Labs

Remedee Labs develops its patented technology of a millimeter wave emitting module for medical usage.


Remedee Labs is created

Remedee Labs is founded in December 2016 with support from French technology research center CEA in Grenoble.


First integration of millimeter wave system into a small-form-factor, cost-effective device

Leading French technology research center CEA-LETI develops the first silicon chip, making millimeter wave frequencies accessible for consumer devices.


Research by the medical services of the French Department of Defense

While researching emerging defense technologies, a medical research team at the French Department of Defense reproduces the analgesic effect of millimeter waves and confirms the link between this effect and endorphins.


First treatment of pain using millimeter waves

Hospitals in Eastern Europe treated pain of over 3 million patients using millimeter wave medical equipment and validate its clinical viability.
Access to simpler and less costly analgesic medication subsequently leads to its abandon.

A team of experts

Remedee Labs is today a multidisciplinary, international team of 25 people. Our areas of expertise cover medical research, microelectronics, software development, artificial intelligence and more.

At the heart of our ambitious project are people and human values.

Jacques Husser
Co-founder and CEO Jacques Husser served most recently as COO of French IoT company Sigfox, recognized as one of France’s highly successful startups and now a global leader in IoT wireless networks and services. Having raised over €300m and establishing itself in over 60 countries, Sigfox is now a key international technology company. An expert in business strategy, vision and organization, Husser has also held leadership positions in a telehealth company, as well as heading one of the Building Automation divisions of the Hager group.
David Crouzier
Co-founder and CSO David Crouzier has 15 years’ experience in the field of biomedical research. A recognized authority, Crouzier was previously head of a French Department of Defense research laboratory. His research into non-ionizing radiation and electromagnetic biological effects has contributed to publications on health and safety risks of emerging technologies for the National Agency for Food Safety, the Environment and Work (ANSES) in France.
Micheal Foerster
Co-founder and CTO Michael Foerster is an expert in implanted medical devices and health technology innovation, Foerster has also worked on the design of active implantable brain-machine interfaces for quadriplegic patients at the CEA-Clinatec medical technology research center in Grenoble. He is also a multiple high-tech entrepreneur, having also co-founded mountain sport technology company NIVOLOG.

Scientific advisory board

Thierry BOSC
President of Remedee Labs’ scientific advisory board & Director of the CEA-Clinatec endowment fund
Grenoble teaching hospital, Department of Anesthesia & Intensive care
Dr. Yves LE DREAN (PhD)
Rennes 1 University - IRSET - Inserm UMR 1085, Expert in the biological effects of electromagnetic waves
Pr. Alain SERRIE (MD-PhD)
Head of the department of Pain Medicine & Palliative Care, President & founder of the Douleur sans frontières association
Dr. Caroline MAINDET (MD) / CHU
Grenoble teaching hospital / Doctor at the Center for Pain Management

Remedee Labs’ scientific experts

Dr. David CROUZIER (PhD)
Chief Science Officer
Dr. Virginie PIERRE (PhD)
Manager of clinical research projects
Dr. Laure MINIER (PhD)
Neuroscience expert
Dr. Rémi PAULIN (PhD)
Data scientist & artificial intelligence expert
Pr. Jean-Claude DEBOUZY (MD-PhD)
Director of medical affairs, Expert in electromagnetic waves for the French Ministry of Defense