Gilles Litman, former VP of Digital Health at Sanofi, joins Remedee Labs to accelerate global launch of breakthrough digital health platform focused on chronic pain management.

May 18, 2021

French health tech startup Remedee Labs, designer of the first endorphin stimulator for personal use, is hiring Gilles Litman to accelerate growth. As Chief Business Officer, Gilles will be responsible for launching Remedee Digital Service Platform, the breakthrough technology platform actively changing the lives of patients with chronic pain, in addition to accelerating the company’s international expansion.

Before joining Remedee Labs, Gilles was the VP of Digital Health at Sanofi, where he worked on technology platforms focused on diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. A graduate of ESSEC Paris, Gilles has over 20 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical industry, with a distinguished expertise in strategy, international development, and business management.

The technological innovation and value proposition of Remedee Labs is unique and groundbreaking in how it changes patients’ lives with chronic pain. I am delighted to join Remedee Labs to help accelerate product offerings and lead international expansion and business development. We have big goals at Remedee Labs, including our primary focus of making our services accessible to as many people as possible with chronic pain”. Gilles Litman, Chief Business Officer, Remedee Labs

Changing the lives of chronic pain patients through an endorphin stimulator and a digital service platform

Remedee Labs has developed a groundbreaking, first-of-its-kind, non-invasive endorphin stimulation technology to improve quality of life for patients with chronic pain.

Remedee Platform allows a comprehensive and personalized experience through multidisciplinary care designed for both patients and practitioners. The Platform enables remote support by care teams, coaches, practitioners and more, and includes personalized digital services available 24/7.

“Drugs alone are often not enough to ease the burden for patients with chronic pain; holistic care, and combining several approaches, is essential. Remedee Platform addresses this need and enables improvements to the patient’s care pathway”. Prof. Alain Serrie, Head of the Pain and Palliative Medicine Department at AP-HP and founding Chairman of Douleur Sans Frontière.

Useful for conditions with no satisfactory treatment such as fibromyalgia and endometriosis, but also migraines and osteoarthritis

Fibromyalgia is a debilitating chronic condition that affects many aspects of healthy living and quality of life. Treatment options are inconsistently effective, can be expensive, and often come with host of unwelcome side effects.

Technology developed by Remedee Labs to reduce stress and improve sleep has been shown to significantly improve the quality of life of patients suffering from fibromyalgia. In light of these promising results, Remedee Labs is launching a multi-center study on fibromyalgia and developing the first personalized support pathway for this condition.

We will develop this platform with the help of patients suffering from fibromyalgia, alongside a clinical trial we are launching on this condition using our personal endorphin stimulator – the only technology of its kind in the world”. David Crouzier, co-founder and CEO, Remedee Labs

Additionally, Remedee Labs is expanding its range of services to address other chronic pain conditions and has started several clinical trials in endometriosis, osteoarthritis, migraines and cancer pain. Early data suggests strong efficacy in reducing pain across a variety of pathologies through digitally stimulated endorphin pathways.

Global development potential

1.5 billion people worldwide suffer from chronic pain, 50% of whom have not found a satisfactory treatment[1] and the majority of whom say this affects their daily personal, social and professional life

“Gilles is joining us at a key time in the company’s history. His expertise will allow us to speed up the development of our service platform for patients with chronic pain and begin our international expansion”. Jacques Husser, co-founder & Exec Chairman, Remedee Labs

Remedee Labs has raised 11 million euros to-date. To support the company’s ambitions, further announcements are to be expected shortly.

Endorphin stimulation using millimeter waves as an alternative for chronic pain management

Remedee Labs has designed and developed the first endorphin stimulation solution, which is transforming chronic pain management.

The result of many years of scientific research and strong partnerships (CEA-Leti, ST Microelectronics), this technology is based on the patented MEET (Microelectronic Endorphin Trigger) module, the first miniature module that emits millimeter waves. Embedded in a bracelet and placed on the inside of the wrist, this module delivers an ultra-high frequency electronic signal that accurately stimulates the subcutaneous receptors (0.5 mm inside the skin).

In response to this painless nerve stimulation, the brain releases intracerebral endorphins that rapidly ease the pain and also produce a feeling of well-being.

About Remedee Labs

1.5 billion people worldwide suffer from chronic pain and over half of them are not satisfied with their care. Remedee Labs aims to give these patients a new life.

Based on 10 years of pre-clinical and clinical research, Remedee Labs has developed the first endorphin stimulator for personal use. Building on the experience of its clinical partners, the company now uses its unique technology to offer the first patient-centered digital service platform for chronic pain management, working alongside medical practitioners. Remedee Labs initial focus is helping patients with fibromyalgia, and plans extend the Platform offering to other chronic pain conditions in the coming future.

Founded in 2016, Remedee Labs announced in 2019 that it had raised 11 million euros from investors, including HCVC, Habert Dassault Finance, Partech, Supernova Invest and C4 Venture.