Remedee Labs joins the 2020 MedTech Innovator Accelerator program

June 25, 2020

MedTech Innovator is the industry’s nonprofit global competition and accelerator for medical device, digital health and diagnostic companies. Their mission is to improve the lives of patients by accelerating the growth of companies that are transforming the healthcare system.

This year, 50 companies have been selected to be part of the organization’s 4-month flagship Showcase program and will be showcased prominently in front of business development representatives, investors, and customers during multiple occasions throughout the program.

A subset of the Showcase companies – 30 Accelerator companies among which is Remedee Labs – will also participate in a virtual accelerator where they will receive in-depth, customized mentorship from senior leaders in the industry as well as access to a curated curriculum. According to MedTech Innovator, the selection for the Accelerator program was extremely competitive with a 3% acceptance rate over 1000+ applications.

Remedee Labs joins 2020 MedTech Innovator Accelerator

The 2020 MedTech Innovator Showcase and Accelerator program will take place from end of June to October, and a Grand Prize of $500,000 will be granted to the best project at The MedTech Conference which will take place from October 5 to 7 in Toronto. Remedee Labs is proud to be the only French company to join the 2020 MedTech Innovator Accelerator program and will be on the run for the Grand Prize.

Find out more on MedTech Innovator’s website.