Digital health and its prominent presence at the CES 2020 | Remedee Labs

Digital health and its prominent presence at the CES 2020

January 15, 2020

Last week, Remedee Labs visited the iconic Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas. The objective was to evaluate the major evolutions in the world of digital healthcare and meet our business partners.

From wellness to medical

As soon as we arrived, we noticed a real increase in the number of digital healthcare exhibitors. Considering activity trackers, wellness, fitness, sleeptech, medtech products, and cosmetics, it was clear how digital health had taken an important place at the show in 2020, even when compared to the major high-tech corporations.

From implantable neurostimulation devices to transportable MRI machines, it was difficult to determine whether this year’s CES remained focused on consumer products alone or if exhibitors from the medical and pharmaceutical sectors also hoped to find exposure to business partners.

Fast-growing e-health market

This expansion illustrates the rapid digital health market growth ; according to Grand View Research, the market size will reach $509.2 billion by 2025. Let’s wait and see whether the medicalisation of the CES continues, or if the 2020 trend will change in future editions.